Restaurants are located in the surroundings of our guesthouse.
Please refer to the link below if you want to know more information.

◆Restaurant Azusa
This restaurant is just opposite from Guesthouse Raicho.
Shinshu beef sukiyaki and Genghis Khan are delicious. There are also tempura and daily menus.
Handmade side dishes and pickles are delicious, too.
Reservation is required by 12 o’clock on the day of dinner.

Shinsyu beef sukiyaki

Minami shinsyu Genghis Khan

Crisp & juicy tempura

An example of daily set meal

・Shinsyu beef Sukiyaki ¥3,000
・Minami shinsyu Genghis Khan ¥2,500
・Minami shinsyu Wild boar Genghis Khan ¥3,000
・Seasonal Tempura ¥2,000
※Rice, pickles, small bowls, fish dishes and desserts are attached to each
・Japanese-style daily set meal ¥1,500

How to make a reservation

By 12 o’clock on the day of dinner, if you inform us of the menu and the number of people, We will make a reservation to Azusa.