Closed for autumn break

Dear Guests,

How have you been?
Hope things are going well for you. 

The temperature in morning and night is often less than zero degree in here.
Arround the peak,it was already covered with snow.

It feels like winter is just arround the corner.


Photo by Andrson Mao (流浪者日誌-Bikepacking diary)


Now,we’d like to inform you that closing information for autumn break.


Autumn break

November 17th,2019 to December 13th,2019


*We don’t pick up the phone in this term.
*You can’t make a reservation by e-mail.
However,you can make a reservation through our website or other travel agent.


All replies will be late from 11/19 to 11/30.
Please make sure that.

We will operate as usual from 12/14.


In winter,we will hold Snoe Shoeing Tour in Kamikochi and Norikura.

The tours in Kamikochi is already full on some of the days.

The video below is about the tour last year!
Check it!!


Edited by Anderson Mao (流浪者日誌-Bikepacking diary)


Winter Kamikochi and summer Kamikochi is completely different.
There is no sounds except your footsteps.

You can feel “Real Nature”.

If you’d like to join the tour,we recommed stay us!

*If you join the tour and stay us,you can get 10% discounts on the tour fee(except the fee for renting equipments).
(It depends on the tour.Please refer to this URLBooking for tours


There are already many reservation at the end of this year and the end of Jan,2020.

If you’re planning to stay and join our tour,we recommend making a reservation as soon as possible.


Now,our owner Yuma is in Nepal for hiking trail.
Mao,one of the staff of us,came back to home country,Taiwan and he will head to New Zealand few days later.

Let’s talk about traveling when you come here!


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