Onsen – the Pride of Raicho
Those travelling Japan are bound to notice: the Japanese are very fond of Onsens, or hotsprings suited for people to bathe in. Onsens spread widely throughout Japan, a volcanic country, and they each have their characteristics such as their color which can range from white, black, green, orange, etc., or their various healing properties. These characteristics are mainly derived from the chemical composition of the Onsen, where different minerals dissolve into the hotspring through geothermal heating.

Norikura Kogen, located at the base of Mt. Norikura, a stable volcano, is not an exception and you can enjoy this Onsen at Guesthouse Raicho both indoors and outdoors. Our Onsen is white, which comes from deposition of metal sulphates, with a strong scent of sulphur. The pH of the Onsen is 3 (you may recall from your chemistry class that this is a pretty strong acid), meaning it has sterilizing effect. Bathing in this Onsen is said to have healing effects against various diseases such as atopic dermatitis and other chronic skin diseases, gyniatric complications, incisures, diabetes, high blood pressure, and arterial sclerosis.

Of the Onsens located in Japan, the natural hotspring, or Gensen, itself is often unsuitable for bathing mainly due to its temperature. They are usually too hot or too cold to bathe in, and they have to be mixed with water or heated before we get to touch them. The rare case where Gensen itself can be used for bathing are said to be the best of Onsens, as they require minimal human interference. The Onsen of Raicho is the latter type, and you’ll get to enjoy the hotspring coming directly from the Gensen at the hillside of Mt. Norikura.

Onsen Type Pure Sulfur/Hydrosulfuric Hotspring
Healing Properties Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema/Cuts/Fatigue
Bathing Style Indoor/Outdoor
View from Bath Relaxing Forest of White Birch
Facilites/Amenities Hair Driers/Soap/Shampoo
Rentals Towel @Free/Yukata (Japanese Bathrobe)@200 yen/Japanese Towel(Tenugui)@1200
For Sale Hand Towels @100 yen/Toothbrush @50 yen
Bathing Time Indoor : 13:00 (1 pm) – 9:30 (am) next morning
Outdoor : 15:00 (3 pm) – 9:30 (am) next morning
Please note that our Onsen is closed during the day; bath tubs are cleared and cleaned daily so that our guests can enjoy a fresh Onsen every day

indoor_photo* Indoor Onsen has completed renovation on December, 2015. The scent of Japanese cypress will welcome the guests.

outdoor_photo* The outdoor Onsen is for reservations only, so guests can enjoy an open but private and quiet time. Please note that during the winter, when temperatures drops below minus 10 degrees Celsius, outdoor Onsen may become temporarily unavailable as the hotspring itself becomes too cold.