At Guesthouse Raicho, we have a kitchen that guests can use freely and make themselves at home.
Cook & eat. Together. We designed the place so that guests can relax and have chance to share experiences and exchange thoughts.

– Guests are requested to bring ingredients for their own meals when using guest kitchen for lunch or supper.
– There is a shop in Norikura Kogen where you can buy foods. Don’t forget to keep in mind the shop hours!

●Kitchen Facilities
◎Kitchen Unit
Induction cookers, pans, kettles, knives and other tools are all available for guests to use freely; together with seasonings.

◎Refrigerators & Microwave Oven
Two refrigerators are open for guests to use at their own convenience: left one is for breakfasts, one on the right is for ingredients guests bring for lunch and supper. Microwave oven is also available.

◎Rice Cooker & Silverware
Rice cookers are also available. For breakfast, one will be ready with cooked rice.
Silverwares are also free to use.

Whichever you like!

◎Free Drinks

Help yourself to green tea, coffee, and tea at this self-served corner.

Portable gas stove, electrical hot plates, and Japanese pots are also available.
Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions!
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