We prepare the breakfast which is made with nature ingredients grew up in Japanese Alps. You can enjoy the nature taste in our “Japanese Alps Breakfast set”.

Japanese Alps Breakfast Set
Handmade Jam(choose one of three)

Japanese Alps Breakfast Set≫

・Handmade Toast (100% made with Nagano wheat)
・Handmade Jam (Choose one from the following choice. Nacchan Strawberry、Hutte Hoshi Apple、Tomita Farm Blueberry)
・Flower Bean (From Norikura Highland and Nagawa Highland)
・Drink (Choose one from the following choice. Azumi Milk、Roast Coffee、100% Orange Juice)

Nacchan Strawberry Farm, Hutte Hoshi, Tomita Farm is the partners of GiFT NORiKURA Gelato & Cafe, which iis Guesthouse Raicho’s affiliated company. GiFT NORiKURA Gelato & Cafe made the Gelato with natural ingredients from local agricultors and producers. The jam in the Japanese Alps Breakfast Set is also use the same ingredients. Choose your favorite flaver and taste it with toast and yogurt.

Japanese Alps Breakfast Set     ¥700

※If you need Japanese Alps Breakfast set, please book the breakfast on the breakfast booking board before 18:00. Please make the booking one day before the date you take the breakfast.

– No additional fee will be charged if you bring your own ingredients for breakfast.

There are restaurants nearby.

※You can also take Japanese Alps Breakfast Set and other Dishes at GiFT NORiKURA Gelato & Cafe from 06:30 without booking.