Here, we’ll show you some ways you can get to Raicho and Norikura Kogen (Highlands). Of course, we’re ready to help you if you’re lost;)

[Bus & Train Schedule for Matsumoto to Norikura via Shinshimashima]
You can find detailed information on the train from Matsumoto to Shinshimashima and bus route from Shinshimashima to Norikura in the same website (external) listed below according to season:
◎Spring to Early Summer: Apr 15 – Jul 15
◎Summer: Jul 16 – Aug 21
◎Autumn: Aug 22 – Nov 15
◎Winter: Nov 16 – Apr 16

This is other Alpico bus web site.
◎Matsumoto – Shinshimashima – Norikura Highlands Time / Fare table
◎Norikura Highlands – Mt.Norikura Time / Fare table
◎Mt.Norikura -Hirayu onsen Time / Fare table

[Expressway Bus to Matsumoto from Major Cities]
◎Matsumoto – Shinjuku (Tokyo) Line
◎Matsumoto/Nagano – Nagoya Line
◎Matsumoto – Kyoto/Osaka Line

[The guest who come here from Takayama]
If you come here from Takayama station, please get a bus to Matsumoto and get off at Oyakodaki.
We’ll pick you up at Oyakodaki bus stop after 15PM.
Please make sure to inform us your arrival time at Oyakodaki bus stop one day before your arrival at the latest.

[The guest who come here from Kamikochi]
There are buses from Kamikochi to Norikura kogen.
We recommend you to get a bus at 15:35 departing from Kamikochi bus terminal to Norikura Kogen.
This bus goes to Norikura Kogen directly. You need to exchange a bus at Sawando or Oyakodaki if you take other time bus.

From the Maekawado crossing on Route 158, turn to Prefectural Mt. Norikura Route. Turn left at the Tourist Center (or “Kanko” Center) and you’ll soon find signs for Guesthouse Raicho. Once you enter Norikura Kogen (Highlands) you’ll find numbered maps of places you can stay. Guesthouse Raicho is Number 5 of Block 21.

Alpico Bus Group offers bundled ticket plans for moving around Norikura/Kamikochi area that you can purchase with lower prices than buying them individually. Details are available on the external websites listed below:

◎さわやか信州号 Sawayaka Shinshu Line
For those coming from Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto by bus:

◎上高地ゆうゆうきっぷ Kamikochi Yu-yu Tickent
Here’s another option for those coming from Tokyo or Nagoya by bus:

◎白骨温泉・乗鞍高原ゆうゆうきっぷ Shirahone Onsen/Norikura Kogen Yu-yu Ticket
If you’re interested in the Shirahone Onsen (Hotspring)and Norikura Kogen there’s a bus ticket to the Onsen in this bundle:

◎上高地・乗鞍2デーパスポート Kamikochi/Norikura 2-day Passport
If your planning to move around Kamikochi & Norikura area during your stay, this is definitely an option to consider:[2].pdf

◎信州・飛騨アルプスワイドフリーパスポート Shinshu/Hida Alps Wide-Free Passport
Another option for those of you planning to move around Takayama and Shirakawagou area as well:[2].pdf

◎三ツ星ルートきっぷ Three-Star RouteTicket
If you’re intereseted in visiting the Matsumoto, Norikura kogen, Takayama, Shirakawagou and Kanazawa:
(You need to pay additional bus fee from Oyakodaki to Norikura kankou cetner if you stay us)[1].pdf